The most simple, way to get your lap times.

Key Features:

Display: GraphicalDisplay Resolution: 238x99 PixelsDisplay

Pages: Up to 8 Freely ConfigurableBack Light: 7 Configurable RGB ColoursShift Lights/Alarm LEDs: 10 Configurable RGB LED's

Integrated Track Database: YesInertial Platform: Internal 3 Axis ±5G Accelerometer + 3 Axis gyro + 3 Axis Magnetometer

Wi-Fi Connection: Yes

GPS: 10 Hz External Power: 12 VMemory: 4

GBBattery Type: Rechargeable Lithium

Pushbuttons: Metallic

Dimensions: 98.0x73.7x30.2 mm

Weight: 240 g, Battery Included

Waterproof: IP65


AiM Solo 2 GPS Track Day Racing Lap Timer And Data Logger