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Here we have the front aluminium alloy Forged wishbone arm with anti-lift kit which uses 35% harden rubber than the OE arm and 15° angle ball joint on the wishbone arm to give a better postition for more crisp turn in and steering response 



Swave Racing was founded in 1998 by former GP/GT driver mr. T. Hsieh, developing mainly racing parts for local racers and high-end tuners and performance specialists. Rapidly becoming a force into suspension technology in Asian/Eurasian territory, being used in many serious performance cars as well as race GT saloons. The Swave brand quickly gained recognition and awareness throughout the rest of the world at tuners and racers, being a manufacturer and having their own R&D center means that parts developed and thoroughly tested in house. Swave is making use of the highest grade materials only, welded and constructed by cutting edge automated machinery you can rest assured that you get the best there is to offer in suspension technology.

Continiously developing new products for new applications and product extensions throughout, also on the look-out for new technology & the finest in materials to increase overall product quality and innovate on the existing ranges , Most recent new development at Swave Racing is range which is purely dedicated to steering/suspension related products, another step in providing a complete solution for suspension fine-tuning making race inspired quality products affordable for your high performance vehicle.

MK3 Focus RS350 Lower front wishbones

  • Please note some modifcation will be needed to make the air scoops fit the wishbones if you want to have them fitted to your new arms 

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