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MSD 280 (465Nm / 280Ps)
This calibration works perfectly on a totally standard car and lifts the power restrictions from within the ECU, further enhancing the power output by 120Nm and 30Ps to 465Nm and 280Ps.

This is not just headline power either, flexibility and reliability are our speciality so the ECU's incredible torque model is fully retained ensuring factory driveability with no hesitations, surges or hiccups in the power delivery. Naturally, as with all MSD power upgrades, all necessary safety limits and protection strategies are re-profiled and enhanced in order to allow the extra performance whilst retaining a strong, O.E Level of engine protection.

Please be aware that power figures don’t tell the whole story with these management systems, making extra power is easy, but many companies completely disable the torque control and most of the protection strategies in order to do so and this can cause driveability and longevity concerns with often massive boost levels required to make the power. Read our comprehensive "Safety" tab for more details.


MSD 300 (500Nm / 300Ps)
This is as far as the standard turbo will allow you to go. Lifting the power up even further from our MSD 280 spec to new figures of 500+Nm and 300PS.This calibration needs some airflow upgrades and its final power output will be determined by the condition of your factory engine and turbocharger as this tune takes the factory turbochargers airflow capabilities to the limit. An intercooler is mandatory if you want to keep the 300Ps for more than a "Halo run" as we call them because the standard intercooler saturates very quickly and charge temps climb very high indeed, so whilst your boost gauge will indicate you have the boost, you wont have the density required to make the power.

MK3 Focus ST250 MSD Evolution chips

    • High flow air filter (Click to view)
    • Uprated Intercooler with shutter grills removed. (Click to view)
    • 3” Stainless Steel Full Exhaust System with sports cat (Or decat)
    • 1 step colder spark plugs recommended.
    • Turbosmart Kompact CBV strongly advised.
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