Here we have the latest in tuning technology with the GPF-Back System from Scorpion Exhausts for the Fiesta ST Mk8. Over recent years, Gasoline Direct Injection technology has been heavily funded due to the EU regulations on car emissions. This has prompted Scorpion Exhausts to develop the GPF-Back System for the new Fiesta ST Mk8. The Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) offers an effective solution to reduce the number of ultra-fine particles under all driving conditions.

Scorpion Exhausts have fast become a very popular performance upgrade due to their premium design and fine construction quality. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Scorpion Exhausts are globally regarded as one of the best exhaust system manufacturers in today's market.

The GPF-Back System is also available with a Daytona or Daytona Ceramic tailpipe with the option of having a Electronic Valved or Non Valved exhaust.

Mk8 Fiesta ST GPF-Back system with electronic valve Carbon Fibre Ascari trim