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Fiesta ST Mk8 Induction kits just don't get any better than this Brand New GEMINI Twin Cold Air Induction System.

Designed in house at Pumaspeed with our CAD/CAM software. From initial design, to 3D printed sample, to the fully finished product this beautifully made kit has been designed and tested 100% in the UK to out perform every other system in the market today.

The twin cold air feeds make all the difference by directing all the high pressure air directly onto the cone element and the secondary under side lower air feed hose has been specifically made to channel high pressure cold air from behind the fog light directly into the open cone air filter. 

Why is this called 'Gemini'? This kit offers a TWIN Cold Air Entry air flow from both the dual air feed pipe and from a lower feed pipe connecting the heat sheild to the lower bumper. This ultimate kit is unmatched by any other kit on offer today.  

We have made a modular build as you go kit, that allows you to go from a sensible cost Stage 1 kit, all the way up to the worlds most accomplished full induction kit named the Stage 2. 

Stage 2 - The entry level kit which includes a CNC billet machined sensor housing, a cone filter element and the all important silicone induction hose, as well as a CAD/CAM designed, powder coated heatshield fabricated in the U.K. It is very a capable kit, increasing airflow and shielding heat from the engine, and suits all power levels up to approx 275bhp

Stage 3 - For the ultimate power seekers out there this is where things get serious, with a unique heat shield and air duct system that takes the high pressure air from down near the front bumper and channels it directly into the air filter cone. The air duct funnel attaches to the dual air feed and the lower feed attaches to the underneath of the heat shield and can be installed anywhere in the lower bumper region by the end user. Nothing like this system has ever been seen before and with twin cold air feeds there is nothing better on the market.  Also included is the dual air feed cone connector which direct the natural air flow from the car's intake pipework towards the filter. It is designed to fit onto the ST dual air feed. The stage 2 kit is ideally suited for stage 2 remapped cars with 265bhp+

Pumaspeed Racing Gemini Twin Induction Kit

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