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RaceSense Tyre Gauge has been designed to save you time in the pits and on the track.

Tyre pressures are critical to performance but the majority of gauges can be out by 1 to 2 psi or more. We’ve designed a high-quality rugged gauge that’s as accurate as those used in the highest echelons of motorsport. As well as precision measurement it has some unique functions and does a lot more than any other product.

  • Accuracy better than +/-0.1 psi*

  • Rugged metal case and water resistant

  • Normal Gauge & fast Multi-Tyre modes

  • Sync to iPhone, Android or computer

  • Optional fast response thermocouple for temperature sensing

  • click here to see product video

  • download spec sheet


RaceSense Tyre Gauge

  • Multi-tyre mode

    RaceSense has a multi-tyre mode which is a real game changer for quick pit stops. There is no need to remember or write down pressures.

    • Record pressures on all tyres without pressing any buttons
    • Starting tyre and direction can be preset (anticlockwise/clockwise)
    • 2 or 4 tyre mode
    • Record tyre temperatures (inner, middle, outer per tyre) with thermocouple probe
    • Set vehicle number
    • 7 Presets available for easy change between vehicles

    TO USE: Just fit the chuck on first tyre valve, adjust pressure until correct, move onto next tyre, adjust pressure etc, etc.
    After all tyres have been measured the data will be saved automatically with time and date and ambient temperature and can then be exported. Initial and adjusted pressures are all recorded. If a thermocouple is used then tyre temperatures are also saved. Our iOS and Android smartphone apps will add location, weather and wind conditions.

    Temperature too

    We have developed a fast response, adjustable accurate temperature probe (pyrometer) to go with RaceSense.

    • Quick response: After insertion it typically takes 2 seconds for the probe to reach 90% of the final temperature, 3 seconds for 95% and 4 seconds + for the temperature response to level out.
      The gauge even shows Up or Down arrows if the temperature is changing. These will disappear when stable.
    • Adjustable depth: There is a screw adjuster and locking nut so that the tyre can be probed at a consistent depth. A depth of between 3 and 5mm is recommended. The probe can be adjusted up to 15mm which will puncture most tyres. To avoid punctures the needle should obviously not be inserted too deep and the probe should be inserted into the tyre blocks only and not the grooves/voids or sides. Take care with very worn tyres.
    • Avoid heat sources: Temperature accuracy will be affected if e.g. the gauge or probe are heated (or cooled). So, do not leave the gauge and probe near sources of heat or where large thermal gradients may be expected e.g. in direct sunlight, on top of engine, near heaters or fans etc.
    • Car setup, tyre pressures, track conditions and driving style will all affect the bulk tyre temperatures.
      It does not make sense to compare readings from different car or tyre types or different probe depths.
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