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Performance Engine Tuning

Our skilled team will tune your car to your specifications.

Engine Tuning

We are happy to work on any type of vehicle we offer everything that the performance enthusiast needs. Starting with a simple OBD port remap and a performance air filter right though to a race engine build. 

Why should I choose Finsport for my remap and not my mates, best mate of a mate who said he can flash it for £125 pound round  the corner.

​Well the chances are he’s using cheap clone tool or cheap generic file from many online sources, They can cause damage your ECU, engine which will potentially leave you with a heavy bill.

We use dealer level diagnostic tools prior to doing your remap to make sure your car is in hood health We also offer a 30 day money back Guarantee on every remap we offer so you know your car is in good hands and you can enjoy many miles of smiles from your new found power.

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