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Scorpion Exhaust Fiesta Mk7 ST180 Cat Back - Scorpion Exhaust

  • 100% more flow.
  • Huge Increase in Bore to 76mm.
  • Removes the 48mm OE Pipework.


Scorpions Cat back features a large Bore of 3 inch Pipework. Ideal for cars running Stage 3 power or more.

Crafted from stainless steel, the Scorpion system saves weight over the standard unit. 

!!!!!! Noise Warning !!!!!! This option removes the rear silencer and is loud. Please see other cat-back options if you are after a quieter option.  when you have your foot down.

The system is finished nicely with twin polished daytona tips retaining the OEM look while looking and sounding more aggressive. A great system perfect for any Fiesta ST owner.

Click HERE for a video 

76mm/3" Scorpion Predator Cat-Back System

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