• Kit contains one set of DP51574NDX Bluestuff brake pads and one pair of USR1434 USR slotted brake discs
  • Money saving brake kit including one set of pads and a pair of discs
  • Bluestuff 5000 NDX race formula ultra high friction race pad with a friction level peaking above 0.6 under braking that will generate more G force than most, if not all pads out there
  • NDX is capable of street use as it bites well from cold
  • Pre-bedded out of the box, surface is heat seared or scorched at the factory
  • One pair of slotted upgrade brake discs, slots dispel gasses and debris and give quiet braking. Manufactured from unique disc alloys and thermic black coated for corrosion resistance. These discs are runout tested.

EBC groved fast road/track front pad and discs kit

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