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ord Fiesta MK VI ('02-'08), ST150

FOR600M - RH Engine Mount, ST150 only

This mount replaces the OEM engine side mount. The original mount is prone to splitting and gives excessive movement under load. This mount is a direct replacement for the factory mount and requires no modifications to fit. It significantly reduces movement without compromising vibration isolation performance. It is ideal for high performance road use and track day cars, or just as an economic replacement for the OEM part in a standard ST150.


Ford Fiesta MK VI ('02-'08), ST150

FOR602MX - RH Engine Mount, ST150 only

This is a motorsport version of the right hand engine mount. Designed for ultimate control of engine movement under the most extreme conditions, it is for racing applications only. It is not suitable for road use due to increased levels of harshness at low engine speeds. For cars that are driven on the road use FOR600M



Ford Fiesta ST150 RH Engine Mount, ST150 only

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