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Suited to tuners aiming for 380bhp+


With tuning companies now pushing much further with new developments and power increases on the MK7 Fiesta ST it was time for us to develop an all new intercooler package that is capable of keeping up with this cutting edge of tuning. With a few tuners now pushing the limits up to, and beyond the 400bhp mark, we have the need to create an intercooler capable of keeping up with the demands of this power, especially as most of these high power cars are being pushed to the limit in race applications. 

Our Competition Spec kit is unlike anything else available for the Fiesta ST. We have used our own in-house CAD team to develop and design this complete package, with laser cutting, CNC machining, and traditional 'hands on' fabrication techniques all used to create this comprehensive kit - an engineering master class.

Anyone involved in motorsport will know when building a car with competition in mind, weight is always a key factor. The standard OE steel bumper bar weighs in at over 8kg, so to change this part with a lightweight fabricated 6082 aluminium replacement is going to make a big difference. The new Pro Alloy kit, including the enormous intercooler weighs in at a mere 12.7kg not far off the OEM bumper bar alone!

Weight saving wasn't the only reason to develop the new bumper bar for this kit. The new fabricated bumper bar is actually the key to fitting an intercooler large enough to do all that is required of it when these cars are running at such high power, especially when being used on track. Squeezing in a 62mm thick core with such a huge surface area into the front end of this little hatch is no easy task, especially when developing a kit which doesn’t require any cutting of any of the original parts.

The Tube & Fin style intercooler core offers optimum performance - with lightweight seam welded tubes and internally brazed turbulators giving excellent heat transfer properties, internal flow characteristics and strength.

Maximising the ambient airflow passing through the front of the car is also critical. To aid this, the new kit is fitted with some comprehensive air ducting on the front of the intercooler capturing as much of the fresh air heading through the front bumper as possible. This air ducting has been carefully designed to fit snugly to the back of the front bumper, helping to ensure as much airflow as possible is channelled through the intercooler and into the A/C Condenser and water radiator, to help ensure water cooling isn’t compromised.

The new bumper bar is also equipped with a towing eye boss located into the standard position allowing the standard towing eye to be used.

With a number of tuners now pushing forward with various turbo developments for the Fiesta, it has opened up this little hot hatch to a new league of power, and a greater desire to use these cars on track, which has generated the necessity for a much more capable intercooler package. Generally cars running at this sort of power level are likely to be competition cars, which is why this kit is developed as a track only kit. The new lightweight bumper bar wouldn’t have the same rigidity in a front end impact as the OEM unit, hence the 'Competition Spec' name. For cars running less than 350bhp we would recommend our popular Fiesta ST MK7 Front Mount Intercooler kit.


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