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  • Rated to over 350 bhp
  • Super Efficient Tube and Fin Core
  • 100% Alloy Construction, Powder Coated
  • Easy Direct Fit to all OE Pipework or Aftermarket Boost Pipes
  • Ideal for Stage 2 or Stage 3 Cars Making 250-350bhp
  • Available in Satin Black or Satin Silver
  • #TeamPumaspeed


The design team were asked to produce a cooler that would suit the customer making an investment into a stage 2 car now, but then would not need to re-invest in an intercooler later down the line. The new PRO350 stepped core intercooler gives you this advantage. The intercooler bolts to the OE factory location, no modifications needed. Additionally, there is no turbo lag from the standard 254bhp capable OE Ford turbocharger. The beauty of the PRO350 however is that in addition to it's capability to run on Stage 2 cars, its scultped end tanks, stepped core and additional core height allows it to be used on ST180s with turbochargers such as the X47R and the X57 making up to 350bhp. 

.R-Sport PRO350 - The Ultimate Affordable Intercooler 

Lower temperatures and a higher flow rate over the standard intercooler are know to increase power potential. Not only this. an intercooler on a car does not gain you any power, but it helps you maintain it. If therefore you have fitted a good intercooler, you will be able to run the power you have remapped onto your car consistently pull after pull after pull. The new PRO350 with its stepped and full height core will keep temperatures down to a compeition spec level, allowing you to make higher bhp numbers and keep them high all day whether on track, in the street or on the dyno. 

R-Sport Pro 350 GEN2 Intercooler Fiesta ST180 - Fiesta ST180 Mk7

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